About  Us

Our goal is to provide you will professional service in a timely fashion.



We are a dental office for people who want to have an understanding of their health. We refer to people who choose to visit us as patients or as clients. Our energies are directed toward wellness. Clients in our practice feel empowered to participate in making choices for themselves. They understand their current dental conditions and they have clarified what level of dental wellness they wish to obtain.

Dr George   Kanaris studied in the dental school in Greece and in Germany. He attends national and international dental seminars and workshops as a participant to update himself about the latest. In his conviction to advancement through technology, optimal use of computers and multimedia for patient education are routinely used.


We use the latest technology in all dental services that we provide. . That’s why are able to help, not only residents of country, but also tourist, who have less time on their hands.

Our technology allows us to make procedures, such as implants, to be done in shorter time span than usual

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